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Listed below are the "values" or benefits of belonging to the Coyote Vision Group. This list was actually developed by a group of members themselves as to the rewards they have experienced and continue to experience from the membership. 

So, read below and see the benefits that you can gain from the "Coyote Vision Group Experience".

1.  Independent and self-governing.
2. Coyotes are "visionaries".
3. Class size is limited.
4. Ability to obtain quality speakers if desired and if the agenda dictates.
5. Have developed manager's groups.
6. Being a Coyote member is equivalent of obtaining a master's degree in collision shop management. It is a great next step for someone who has stopped growing as a member of another 20 group.
7. Camaraderie: Fraternity/brotherhood.
8. Ability to interact and help each other solve issues in an open forum and individual basis.
9. The groups set their own agendas and, if needed, allow themselves the flexibility to deviate from the agenda to focus on "what's important to them and the industry".
10. The group strives to be sure each member is reaching their goals and potential (no pat on the back unless earned).
11. Think tank/roundtable/sounding board opportunity.
12. The groups' facilitators are very well known and respected within the industry and most of all, TOTALLY INDEPENDENT!
13. Being completely independent and self-governing, there are no hidden agendas.
14. 4-weekend commitment is crucial to all and critical to obtaining value for your money spent.
15. Consideration of each other is highly respected.
16. Professional and personal development are highly encouraged.
17. Innovators in their own market places.
18. Benchmark by a group of peers.
19. Topics discussed at meetings are scrutinized by all members with many diverse opinions and different viewpoints.
20. A useful tool called the "composite" to share not only the usual financial data, but the "non financial" data as well (ratios per s.g.a, etc.). Very "in depth".