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The Coyote Vision Group or "CVG" is a 20-Group or Peer Management Group consisting of collision repair owners across North America who meet on a quarterly basis. As a result, the members are able to help each other to improve their businesses and gain personal development.

The 20-Group concept, operating within a non-competitive environment, has proven to be very beneficial for business people for the past 50 years.

CVG Members are committed to each other by focusing on being "the best" in the collision repair industry. The CVG groups have obtained quite a reputation for being considered the "leaders in the industry". The members' commitment to each other by sharing ideas and interacting with their peers has proven to be invaluable to their businesses. As a member of CVG, you will question your own processes currently in place by seeking continual improvements within your own organization.

The wealth of information and networking resources continues to "prove itself" time and time again. The personal and professional relationships that the members have developed with one another alone is worth its weight in gold - ask any current member!

In order to survive, the "Coyote" demonstrate teamwork, adaptability, and perseverance. It is based on this fact that the Group has chosen its name "Coyote Vision Group", and each member's focus on being "the best" is the key of its survival as a group.


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